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Get around the city with ease in the ideal city logistics vehicle, the nimble Dyna 4-093. Fitted with the proven 5L engine, it delivers high power and torque and its handling capabilities make operations in and around the city a breeze.

Hino 300 Series

The Hino 300 is an ideal transport solution with an approximate body and payload allowance of between 3390 and 5950 kgs.Rugged and reliable, there is no question that the Hino 300 will get your goods safely to their destination.The Hino 300 is backed by a long history of quality, durability and reliability and Hino's tried and tested technology.

Hino 500 Series

From its stylish looks down to its ferocious direct injection, intercooled diesel engine; this dynamic truck is a reliable worker that is more than up for all the short haul freight that you need done right, the first time. The versatile body can be modified to suit most transportation needs, from regional haul to moving refrigerated cargo. This truck can do it all.

Hino 700 Series

Proven Hino technology means that your vehicle will perform reliably no matter how tough the haul. The solid, heavy-duty exterior is the shell for a powerful engine that pumps out up to 2157Nm of torque; while the Hino 700 engine itself is energy efficient. Reducing running costs through common rail diesel technology, while still delivering great fuel economy and lower carbon emissions.

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